Unifi Protect NVR4 Import Failed

Another day, and another issue with a Unifi Protect. Customer recently upgraded from a small Unifi Protect to a Unifi Protect NV4 (new beta device). The issue? Imports won’t upload.

This was on a new NVR4 and a basic setup done just to get into the Settings. No cameras adopted and no settings changed.

Import Failed

Using WinSCP, I connected via ssh and uploaded the backup zip from the old device to the new device. The path to backups: /etc/unifi-protect/backups/

Reboot the NVR4 to get the uploaded backup to show. I’m sure you could probably restart the Unifi Protect service, but I couldn’t remember the command off the top of my head.

However the backup you uploaded, and click on Restore. The NVR4 should reboot, and be back to the old settings.



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