3CX cordless disable call waiting

My client is using a nice cordless phone (Yealink SIP-W60B) for their 3CX (v15.5) PBX system. A small problem they are having is when a second call comes in they hear the call waiting beep and they can not hear their current call.

After spending an hour and a half of searching, I could not find a way to disable it. Very bleeping frustrating…

The phone is added as a DECT phone within 3CX and has no options to edit anything meaningful.

When I figure this out I will update this post…

WARNING: Never place zip files in a publicly accessible folder.

update: 3CX forums hasn’t been much help. For now, I just logged into the Yealink SIP-W60B device itself, turned off Call Waiting, and told it to never pull a new provision. Not ideal obviously, but I do have a customer that wants this change right now.



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