3CX Backup from SSH

A few months ago I had an issue where I could not get into a clients 3CX Dashboard. Someone changed the admin password and didn’t write it down. Bleeping hell! Lucky we still had access to the server via SSH. After some searching around, the only way to get back into 3CX was to download a backup and get the admin password in raw text (that’s another rank for another day). I logged into the server and found zero backups. Bleeping double hell! Another hour goes by trying to find another way to get it. After much, much, much more digging and trying various things I finally was able to figure out how to trigger a backup via SSH.

Here is the code:

sudo -u phonesystem /usr/sbin/3CXBackupCmd -f backup.zip -o ALL -c /var/lib/3cxpbx/Instance1/Bin/RestoreCmd.exe.config

You would think 3CX would have an easier way to do this via SSH.



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