PHP Website & Database Backup to ZIP

I recently had the need to do a full website backup (WordPress in this instance). I needed to zip up the main website files and MySQL database. After much trail and error, I have come up with a fairly simple solution. Breakdown The main “zipIt” function takes 3 arguments: source: The folder to zip. destination: […]

Unifi Video and LetsEncrypt

Unifi Video by Ubiquiti is still used for many dedicated servers. Now with the newer Unifi Protect system, getting an official LetsEncrypt setup on existing Unifi Video servers is a very unlikely. This script is very similar to the Unifi Controller LetsEncrypt article I posted over a year ago. Install Certbot, see official install instructions for your operating […]

Postman: Ninja RMM API

At my day job, we use NinjaRMM for managing our client’s computers. I’ve been using Postman for a while to test API calls before coding anything. One really bleeping frustrating thing about the NinjaRMM API is how they decided to make authentication¬†completely un-normal, unconventional and different from anything. Just to get PostMan working you have […]